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Cat® undercarriage systems provide high hydraulic power and superior traction and motion control. Cat undercarriages provide low operating and maintenance costs and extended life for anything from hydraulic excavators to crawler assemblies and systems. These systems are available in open or closed loop versions with adjustable track width. These modular systems provide optimal performance for all types of machines, in all road conditions.

Cat undercarriages provide high hydraulic power and superior machine control for everything from hydraulic excavators to tracked machine assemblies and systems. Cat undercarriages are used in a variety of applications in the construction, material handling, mining and forestry industries to help reduce operating and maintenance costs and extend the life of your machines.

SystemOne ™ for elevated sprocket machines

Cat® System One ™ undercarriage is an all-new undercarriage that is redesigned and redesigned. Caterpillar® engineers have significantly redesigned all components, including:

  • Carrier rollers
  • Guide wheels
  • Track guides
  • Links
  • Caterpillar belts
  • Track rollers

Designed to extend life and reduce maintenance to levels previously unattainable, this undercarriage delivers significantly longer component life and significantly reduces machine maintenance and operating costs.

System One ™ undercarriage features:

  • Recommended for high wear conditions and for low to medium shock loads.
  • 25% more expensive than the reinforced series.
  • Service life increased by 50% compared to the heavy-duty series for tracked vehicles with raised idler wheels – up to 6,000 operating hours.
  • Design with rotating bushings.
  • No bushing maintenance required.
  • Lightweight idler wheels provide improved ride comfort and longer link life and overall undercarriage life.
  • Reusable components guarantee lower unit costs.
  • 4 years / 6,000 hours warranty program

System One ™ undercarriage benefits:

  • Eliminates link misalignment.
  • Maintains optimum smoothness throughout its entire service life.
  • No need to relocate bushings.
  • Ability to reuse idler wheels and drive wheel segments.
  • The maximum period of warranty support.
  • Longer system life thanks to the idler wheel with central working part.
  • Requires minimal maintenance.
  • Provides lowest owning and operating costs over a wide range of operating conditions.

Consider the following:

  • No possibility of re-sealing.
  • Cannot be used with self-cleaning shoes.
  • Not suitable for high shock loading conditions.
  • Not suitable for working with non-plastic, dense materials.
  • Higher start-up costs.
  • Long payback period of initial costs.

Heavy Duty reinforced track

Heavy-duty track designed to meet the requirements of medium-sized raised sprocket machines (D6N, D6T) operating in difficult conditions.

Heavy-duty track features stronger links, pins and bushings that greatly accommodate high shock and stress loads, heavy-duty track provides an average of 20% longer undercarriage life compared to Cat track ® SALT, and provides the greatest benefits in aggressive high impact applications.

Recommended for basic machines operating under medium to high shock loads



  • Logging / reforestation.
  • Work on slopes.
  • Rocky surfaces.
  • Any uneven ground with wide track shoes, especially for low ground pressure (LGP) machines.

Features of Heavy Duty reinforced track:

  • Skidding / afforestation (triple and quadruple track).
  • Working on side slopes.
  • Working on rocky ground.
  • Use wide tracks on any rough terrain, especially low ground pressure (LGP) machines.
  • Fixed bushing design.
  • Ability to perform reinstallation while maintaining lubrication.
  • Ability to perform seal maintenance.
  • 4 years / 4,000 hours warranty program.

Benefits of Heavy Duty reinforced track:

  • Suitable for maintenance.
  • Ability to work in conditions of high shock loads.
  • Guaranteed ability to reinstall the bushings.
  • Possibility of re-sealing.
  • Ability to work with non-plastic, dense materials.
  • Suitable for use with self-cleaning shoes.

Consider the following:

  • Repositioning of bushings may be required.
  • There is no possibility of reusing the drive wheels when reassembling the links or after rearranging the bushings.
  • There is no possibility of re-use of idler wheels.
  • Not suitable for high shock loading conditions where triple or quad link tracks must be used.
  • Possibility of conversion for some jobs.

General Duty general purpose track

Recommended for light duty machines operating in light operating conditions.

  • 25% less expensive than the heavy-duty series.
  • Wear resistance approx. 20% lower than the reinforced series.
  • Fixed bushing design. There is no possibility of replacing individual parts / operation is carried out until complete failure.
  • 4 years / 3,000 hours warranty program. Coverage restrictions guarantee the use of wide shoes.

General Duty general purpose track benefits

  • Minimum start-up costs.
  • Competitive warranty coverage.
  • Ability to reinstall bushings.
  • Ideal for light duty machines.
  • Designed for light duty.
  • Undercarriage insurance.

Consider the following:

  • Operation is limited by shock loads / running hours.
  • Void warranty after bushing reinstallation.
  • Limited Warranty for Wide Shoes.

Rely on experts

When you buy a Cat undercarriage, you get technical support from our parts and service specialists who are proficient in a variety of tools to help you successfully manage your undercarriage maintenance. The undercarriage monitoring system (CTS) is the best way to keep costs down and downtime.

Using the results of undercarriage monitoring, you can also make a significant contribution to the management of undercarriage maintenance. Understanding how your undercarriage performs and how it wears out is essential. With proper operation and maintenance, you can reduce wear and tear and save money. Working together, we will provide an enabling environment to reduce costs.

Ходовая часть Cat® SystemOne является принципиально новой ходовой частью, созданной в результате коренной переработки конструкции всех элементов. Инженеры компании Caterpillar® существенно изменили конструкцию всех узлов, включая:

  • Поддерживающие катки
  • Направляющие колеса
  • Направляющие гусеничных лент
  • Звенья
  • Гусеничные ленты
  • Опорные катки