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Caterpillar® as part of its continuous product improvement program, updated its Cat® range of greases in 2014. As a result the names were changed and the characteristics of the previously produced lubricants were improved.

The following graph shows that, while the content of molybdenum disulfide, which reliably protects against wear, remained the same, due to the improvement of the base oil, the protective properties of the lubricant increased which was expressed in an increase in the withstand load until the moment of welding from 600 to 800 kg compared to previously produced grease.

In addition to high wear protection Cat greases have a high dropping point, which means good lubrication stability at high temperatures. Also one of the important advantages of Cat greases is their high resistance to water washout, which was confirmed by the positive experience of using Cat Prime Application Grease in one of the customer’s mines, where Cat equipment is operated in conditions of significant waterlogging and the grease of another manufacturer is not sufficiently retained on the surface.

Thus these benefits of Cat greases help keep your equipment running smoothly and reduce operating costs.