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Shockless retention for maximum performance

Are you looking for a vertical locking tip with an adapter system that remains sharp, easy to replace, and fits securely? Choose a K-Series system with a twist design and vertical lock for a secure fit and easy installation and removal.

  • Productivity increase. The low profile shape provides optimal sharpness, penetration and penetration capability throughout the tip’s life.
  • Increased service life. More wear resistant material can be effectively used before tip replacement is required, increasing useful life by 10-15%.
  • Increased durability. Tip and adapter fit closely together, reducing tip misalignment and adapter wear.
  • Safety and reduced maintenance costs. One-piece vertical lock allows installation and removal without the use of a hammer; in this case, only standard tools are used, which do not require much effort.
  • Simplified installation. The rails on both sides of the adapter and the twist design hold the tip in place for quicker installation.

J Series Tips and Adapter System

Non-impact fixation with lateral pin if application requires

  • The classic horizontal locking system provides higher performance and proven reliability over time, which is extremely important for the construction and mining industries.
  • Increased versatility. The side mount design is industry standard for many applications.
  • Increased reliability. Weld-on adapters provide excellent fit.
  • Increased safety and reduced maintenance time. Rebuildability means the CapSure™ system can be used with a hammerless installation.

Hammerless handpieces and adapters system CapSure fixation

Simplify hoe teeth replacement with the CapSure shock-free locking. These tips mate with side finger adapters to provide increased flexibility over conventional finger retention if the application requires it.

  • Lower operating costs. Type J adapters use a rebuildable side finger design, which means the fingers can be reused.
  • Increased workplace safety and reduced maintenance times. The ¾ ”retainer does not require special tools; it provides shockless installation and removal.
  • Quick and easy tip change. The tip has a retainer to avoid excessive twisting; just rotate 180 ° to lock or unlock.
  • Reduced installation time. The tip and retainer are one system, so no special assemblies or additional parts are required.