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Cat® tracked undercarriage monitoring system.

The undercarriage requires a lot of investment. Its cost is up to 20% of the cost of the entire machine. Undercarriage maintenance costs can be up to 50% of total machine maintenance costs. Our goal is to help you reduce your running hour or kilometer operating costs as much as possible. This is why we created the undercarriage monitoring system (CTS).

Borusan Kyrgyzstan provides a free CTS analysis service.

All that is required from the Customer is to send a request to a spare parts sales representative and stop the car for 1-2 hours to carry out diagnostics at the agreed time.

All recommendations, visit of a specialist and diagnostics are FREE!

Our Spare Parts and Service Specialists (PSSR):

  • Have special training and equipment to manage Cat undercarriage services;
  • Provide regular inspection and measurement of undercarriage wear;
  • Prepare reports with alternative maintenance and repair options so you can make an informed decision to achieve the lowest operating costs per hour of operation or per kilometer.

With undercarriage monitoring results, you can make a significant contribution to extending undercarriage life.