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Kok Zhayyk street 153/ Akhunbayeva street
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Kok Zhayyk street 153/ Akhunbayeva street

Borusan Kyrgyzstan offers its Customers the sale of Cat® special equipment under the Trade-In program, which allows you to exchange old equipment for new ones. Thanks to this, you can save on the purchase of new special equipment, as well as not think about the hassle associated with selling the old one.

Trade-In benefits
  1. Saving time due to the absence of the need to search for a potential buyer. We will do it for you.
  2. In the shortest possible time, you will receive new special equipment, without waiting for the implementation of the old one.
  3. The minimum of documents for the transaction. We undertake this work.
  4. There is no need to personally conduct the show, be distracted by calls and be afraid of colliding with an unscrupulous buyer.
Exchange procedure on the basis of Trade-In
  1. You leave a request on the website or by phone.
  2. Our specialist contacts you, clarifies the details and makes an appointment.
  3. An external examination is carried out, as well as diagnostics of the technical condition. Based on these data, the expert makes an overall assessment.
  4. You leave your equipment with us, pay the difference in price and receive new special equipment.
Important: special equipment in non-working condition is not allowed to exchange under the Trade-In program