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Second hand special equipment

Caterpillar® has established itself as a manufacturer of powerful, reliable machines with improved ergonomics. Designers pay special attention to environmental safety issues. The updated models of special equipment provide for reduced fuel consumption, which means that the amount of exhaust gases that pollute the atmosphere is also reduced.

In recent years, the interior and exterior design of the machine cabin has been significantly redesigned, making the operator’s workplace as comfortable as possible and working conditions optimal.

You can buy second hand special equipment in Kyrgyzstan from the official Cat dealer – Borusan Kyrgyzstan.

Advantages of buying from us:

  • complete maintenance was carried out;
  • 6-24 months warranty;
  • operating time no more than 10,000 hours (6,000 hours for HRV) / 10 years.

Why is it beneficial?

  • accelerated depreciation, as the cost of fixed assets has been reduced;
  • low cost of finished products due to reduced cost;
  • participation in the Trade-in program;
  • the possibility of offsetting;
  • a properly run-in technique guarantees long-term operation of the engine, since the factory defect has already been identified and completely eliminated.

All equipment has undergone pre-sale training and technical inspection by highly qualified specialists.


Borusan Kyrgyzstan provides its customers with the opportunity to purchase not only new Cat® equipment, but also equipment with operating time, which also meets the highest quality requirements of the manufacturer.

Why is it worth contacting Borusan Kyrgyzstan for used special equipment?

Used with a guarantee from the manufacturer

Regular used

Operating time no more than 10 years / 10000 hours
(6000 hours for BCP)

More than 10 years of service

With a minimum of 6 months warranty

No guarantees, repairs on request

Inspection and maintenance carried out

State “as is”