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Every owner of equipment knows that the engine tends to fail after some time of operation. Engine repair often entails additional financial investments and forced downtime.

Borusan Kyrgyzstan repairs a full range of Cat® diesel engines according to Caterpillar® (OEM) standards.

To provide repairs as soon as possible, a structured work process has been built in the workshop, which includes:

  1. Preliminary wash of the engine;
  2. Disassembly of the engine and inspection of spare parts;
  3. Thorough cleaning of spare parts using high temperatures in a special washing machine using reagents;
  4. Drawing up a detailed breakdown report based on the inspection carried out.
  5. Testing and adjusting the motor according to the specifications applicable to the new assembly.

The center operates various recovery programs:

  1. ROP – restoration using a repair kit developed by highly qualified specialists of the center, taking into account additional spare parts.
  2. CMCR – certified engine remanufacture with a 24 month warranty (limited offer, check with your parts and service representative for details).
  3. Repair Option program for C7 and C9 series engines.

Repair options for flawless engine performance (C7 and C9 series)

Borusan Kyrgyzstan together with Caterpillar®, have developed three levels of engine repairs at a fixed price with a choice of additional options for all participants in the construction business. Condition for repair work: the engine must be in working order.

Level 1 (from 3000 to 6000 operating hours) – to warn of a breakdown and prevent unplanned downtime is recommended when the number of operating hours of a component is small (up to 3000 operating hours).

Level 2, 3 (from 6000 or more engine hours) – if there are problems associated with the performance of machines, the level is selected depending on the operating hours.