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Caterpillar® offices work in conjunction with SITECH divisions – dealers of Trimble – the world leader in the development of positioning systems based on signals from GPS / GLONASS satellites, as well as geodetic instruments (total stations, levels, satellite receivers, etc.).

Trimble has developed the most comprehensive machine control system available. These systems fully leverage Trimble’s combined machine control expertise in data management, software development, asset positioning and infrastructure provisioning, as well as Caterpillar’s heavy equipment expertise in construction. This collaboration resulted in the formation of Caterpillar Trimble Control Technologies (CTCT) a joint venture in 2002 to develop Accu Grade equipment controls.

The Accu Grade system gives the customer the opportunity to increase machine productivity by 40%, while significantly reducing costs, improves machine performance and controllability. Factory fitted with integrated sensors, wiring and hydraulics is a revolutionary solution from Caterpillar that allows you to equip the machine with systems of various types, such as: cross slope sensors, ultrasonic sensors, laser plane and laser receivers, 3D solutions using GPS / GLONASS satellites or solutions with a robotic total station. We understand that the productivity and cost-effectiveness of our customers depends on how accurately and quickly the machine operates. In difficult conditions of a real construction site with a high intensity of labor, the task of accurately keeping the machine blade at the design mark becomes especially urgent.

Accu Grade Automatic Control Systems allow you to maintain the machine tool (blade, hoe, roller drum, cutter plate, etc.) at the design mark in automatic mode, to work with the operator with a digital model of the project right from the machine cab. This makes it possible to increase the accuracy of work, reduce alterations, increase the service life of equipment, save on building materials, reduce the cost of servicing equipment and largely abandon geodetic work.

Trimble has presented a new line of Trimble Earthworks automatic control systems.

Key features of the system: semi-automatic operation on the excavator (instead of the usual indicative control mode), mastless solution on bulldozers, the system runs under the Android operating system, completely new redesigned components and much more. Learn more at