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Trimble Loadrite on-board weighing systems for loaders and excavators are especially relevant for large quarries, construction, mining and manufacturing plants that constantly move, ship or transport inert and bulk materials, because they avoid overloading trucks and as a result reduce additional time, machine wear and fuel consumption. In addition, based on the system readings, a preliminary estimate of the required number of work cycles and equipment can be made, which increases the efficiency of fleet management, minimizing the number of unnecessary, idle machines.

Trimble Loadrite on-board weighing systems are capable of accurately measuring tons of material moved per hour, cumulative cycle times and total tonnage. They can also be used to produce time-stamped printed reports in the field that simplify production reporting.

Trimble Loadrite on – board weighing system reports are simple and intuitive to use. Machine operation data is processed using special LOADRITE MMS software, which can be configured to create reports in accordance with the specifics of your enterprise. The operator’s working style of the machine remains the same. Data on the operation of your machines can be transmitted to the office through special radio or GPRS modems, WI-FI connections, on-board data drives.

Increased productivity:

  • Moving the maximum amount of material due to stable loading
  • Increase in sales of material without the use of additional equipment and personnel
  • Ability to evaluate the performance of each operator and machine
  • Achieve consistent loading regardless of operator’s experience

Increase in profits:

  • Optimal loading of each dump truck
  • Elimination of overloading of dump trucks
  • Increased time between repairs of cars
  • Reduction of the cycle cost, elimination of underloading of dump trucks

Cost reduction:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Improving the overall efficiency of your fleet
  • Maximum use of technical resources

Performance monitoring:

  • Tracking and control of efficiency
  • Evaluation of operator’s performance
  • Full accounting of the volume of transported material
  • Increased productivity (ton per hour)