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Today, many mining companies use transfer water pumps. Very often there is a need to quickly pump ground water, sludge, mud, liquids containing a large amount of mechanical impurities.

Allight Primax company offers pumps with fully automatic water filling in 2 versions: vacuum and compressor. Compressor Prime is an automatic priming system that uses a blast compressed air through an internal nozzle, creating a vacuum in the pump casing and suction line for fast, trouble-free and continuous priming even in incomplete immersion and suction conditions. The filling system has no moving parts, which significantly reduces maintenance requirements.

2 pumps of the Allight Primax company, model XH150, pumped 1,374,630 m³ of water in 80 days:

We bring to your attention the pump performance depending on the models:


  • Pumping clean water;
  • Pumping mud solutions;
  • Pumping sludge;
  • Pumping waste water;
  • Pumping liquids containing large amounts of solids;
  • Mineless drainage.


  • Mining;
  • Construction;
  • Careers;
  • Drilling;
  • Environmental protection.


  • Fully automatic water filling;
  • Self-priming and refilling during dry operation;
  • Removal of mechanical impurities up to 90 mm;
  • Diesel, electric or hydraulic drive;
  • Suction height – up to 9m;
  • Easily replaceable wear parts;
  • Internal pump parts are 316 stainless steel;
  • Mounting support – skids, trailer, base with guard, on a pallet;
  • All pumps are quality tested on certified equipment of the Allight Primax company.

Standard materials of construction:

  • Wear plates – 316 stainless steel;
  • Shaft – stainless steel 431;
  • Impeller-stainless steel 316;
  • Pump body – nodular cast iron 400/12.

Spare parts and service:

  • Sykes supplies spare parts for all pump brands produced by the manufacturer;
  • Fast delivery of spare parts;
  • Serving Sykes customers by company specialists who are ready to respond to requests 24 hours a day.